The Science of Acupuncture


ZhongWan (CV12)

An Insulin-dependent Hypoglycaemia Induced by Electroacupuncture at the ZHONGWAN (CV12) Acupoint in Diabetic Rats

"Acupuncture at the Zhongwan acupoint has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Our study investigated the effect on plasma glucose of electroacupuncture applied at the Zhongwan acupoint in rat diabetic models. Plasma concentrations of insulin, glucagon and beta-endorphin- were also determined using radioimmunoassay. A decrease in plasma glucose was observed in rats after electroacupuncture (15 Hz, 10 mA) for 30 min at the Zhongwan acupoint. ."

by S.L. Chang, J.G. Lin, and T.C. Chi, et al.

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ZuSanLi (ST36)

The Central Serotonergic System Mediates the Analgesic Effect of Electroacupuncture on ZUSANLI (ST36) Acupoints

"Evidence in the past decade indicates that the mechanisms of anti-nociception of electroacupuncture (EAc) involve actions of neuropeptides (i.e., enkephalin and endorphin) and monoamines (i.e., serotonin and norepinephrine) in the central nervous system. Our present results using a subcutaneous injection of formalin to test pain sensation in mice provide further understanding of the involvement of serotonin in the actions of EAc-induced analgesia..."

by F.C. Chang, H.Y. Tsai, M.C. Yu, et al.

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Clinical and Experimental Studies on Preventing and Treating Anaphylactic Asthma with Zusanli Point Immunotherapy

"We have studied on preventing and treating anaphylactic asthma with Zusanli (S36) point immunotherapy (ZPIT). Sixty-nine patients were observed. The results showed that the clinical curative effect of ZPIT was not only much higher than that of conventional desensitization therapy, but also the patients' total IgE level was reduced, anti-acarid IgE was lowered, SIgA level was raised, the absolute eosinophilic granulocyte level dropped and pulmonary function recovered..."

by L.L. Chen, A.S. Li, and J.N. Tao

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